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Best Sports Bar: Hooters

Growing up in a small town off the Panhandle of Florida, there were not a lot of places to eat. Growing up we had to cross two bridges to get to a grocery store, and the closest thing we had to entertainment was the Sears which was “in town.” So fortunately for my family of the five restaurants we had within reasonable driving distance, two were Hooters. For me, Hooters tastes like home.  And it was my first stop when I moved into my apartment in California three years ago.

My family is infamous for a competitive streak and love of sports. Which is why we have always loved the television display at any Hooters. More so, you can count on every Hooters having your football game on, since its practically policy each franchise have Sunday Ticket.

What sets Hooters apart from other sports bars is the consistent quality of their traditional wings, fried pickles, and queso dip. However, with recent additions to the menu my new favorite is their smoked wings with Garlic Habanero dry rub. With reliable favorites and seasonable surprises, Hooters will always be my favorite sports bar in any town.

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