Author: overlord

Best Nachos: Petco Park

The best nachos in San Diego are hands down served at Petco Park.

Petco park does a great job of curating a high quality dining experience while taking in the game. The nachos really drive things home as far as food selections there. Whoever thought of putting tri-tip, baked beans, and bbq sauce on top pf nachos is a genius!

Best Date Night: Campfire

“Date night… It’s cheaper than marriage counseling!”- Jerry Seinfeld

The best date night can be found at Campfire, due to its high quality locally sourced food, an romantic atmosphere.

Campfire in Carlsbad brings “farm to table” to the next level. The food is always fresh, high quality and seasonal. And because of the reliance on seasonal elements, there is always a surprise for the pallet.

Best Cocktails: Park 101

Tucked away in San Diego’s North County town of Carlsbad, is a cool bar and grill with a BBQ spirit called Park 101.  Park 101 is known for its truely “open concept” as being almost completely outdoors with an upstairs deck.  Games like shuffle board and corn hole contribute to its beachfront feel, however aside from the atmosphere, what makes Park 101 truly unique is it’s expertly crafted cocktails.

Park 1o1 maintains seasonal cocktails as well as permanent favorites that are always the perfect combination of fruity and effervescent.

The secret is their “mule” inspiration.  Many of their signature drinks are derived from the classic “Moscow Mule.”  The secret ingredient that makes Park 101’s cocktails so delicious and dangerous is the non-alcholic element of ginger beer!

Most Bougie Cocktails and Dining: Vista Valley Country Club

A country club dining experience sounds like it would be naturally bougie, but I recently had the pleasure of checking it out for myself. The food and drinks were excellent and upscale, if not slightly overpriced.

As all truely “upscale” destinations, there was beautiful Spanish style architecture around the properity which even includes historical add-ons that contribute to the “mise en scene” of the club and restaurant.  While both the air and price tags are stuffy at the Vista Valley Country Club, it does well to encompass West coast style class and delicious cuisine.

Most Creative Dining: Napa Rose

While not technically in San Diego County, Napa Rose is a short drive north and well worth it!

“Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things, we shall surely become static, repetitive, and moribund.”-Anthony Bourdain

When making the drive for dinner at Napa Rose on site at California’s own Disneyland Resort, its best to book in advance to sit at the chef’s table.  This is a chic, delicious experience that doesn’t require the schlep up to Los Angeles. Napa Rose’s chef’s tables challenges diners to blindly try new flavors and cuisines while still being respectful to allergies and sensitivities. The chef’s table is a great place to push our consumption comfort zones and try new things without traveling far past the boundaries of San Diego!

Because it is on property at the Disneyland Resort, diners are guarenteed a unique high quality experience!

Best Sports Bar: Hooters

Growing up in a small town off the Panhandle of Florida, there were not a lot of places to eat. Growing up we had to cross two bridges to get to a grocery store, and the closest thing we had to entertainment was the Sears which was “in town.” So fortunately for my family of the five restaurants we had within reasonable driving distance, two were Hooters. For me, Hooters tastes like home.  And it was my first stop when I moved into my apartment in California three years ago.

My family is infamous for a competitive streak and love of sports. Which is why we have always loved the television display at any Hooters. More so, you can count on every Hooters having your football game on, since its practically policy each franchise have Sunday Ticket.

What sets Hooters apart from other sports bars is the consistent quality of their traditional wings, fried pickles, and queso dip. However, with recent additions to the menu my new favorite is their smoked wings with Garlic Habanero dry rub. With reliable favorites and seasonable surprises, Hooters will always be my favorite sports bar in any town.